MathOverflow ( and Gerhard Paseman ) at ICM2014

This is a journal recording promotional events. I am in Seoul to share goings on at ICM2014, the International Congress of Mathematicians. I will be talking up MathOverflow while I am here. Expect the occasional posting on my interests at the congress, which include elementary number theory and general algebra.

Today is Day 0. I will report later about registration, the venue, and other preliminaries to the grand opening tomorrow.

Welcome to the MathOverflow blog!

Hi everyone!


We’ve just started a blog for MathOverflow. We’re not entirely sure where it’s going to go, but we’re gettingĀ started with a series of posts by the moderators on the “inner workings” of MathOverflow. These may not be the most exciting things you’ve ever read, but we want to get this information out there for two reasons. Firstly, we think it’s really important that MathOverflow is managed transparently on behalf of the community. We’ve recently established a legal entity for MathOverflow to represent our interests in the contract with Stack Exchange, and in order to be able to handle money donated (thank Sloan Foundation!) for development work. We need to explain this whole setup to the community! Second, as each individual may not stay with the MathOverflow community forever, it’s important that institutional knowledge is recorded and passed on.

Later the blog may evolve into other things — in particular if MathOverflow community members are interested in making that happen, let’s start talking about it!